Our activity is specialized in production of precision elastomeric components for office automation industry, with particular attention to rubber rollers like printing platens, driving, folding and paper feeding rollers.

Our experience of many years of activity in this field and our internal organization enable us to be right partner for the customer in finding the best solution to the technical and economic problems of production.

Our strong feature is flexibility: we can satisfy high production with the help of automatized processes but also short and very short production for spare-parts.


Our technological know-how starts from the production of the compound of rubber. Besides the availability of many recipes tested from many years of production, our laboratory is able to study and develope special compound of rubber according to the specific application and request of the customer.

Our technology includes compression moulding process, transfert moulding, injection moulding and extrusion process. At the end, an high precision grinding process together an high precision non contact-laser measurment system, for inspection of diameter and geometrical characterization of rollers, enable us to produce products with high quality performance.